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The company works with the most advanced technology related to yarns, production processes, and finishing, serving the Fashion, Underclothing, Active & Beachwear segments. We offer fabrics in knits, flat knits plain and printed, jacquards and stripes. Always seeking to one step ahead to meet our customers expectations.
Our deliveries and developments are customized, focusing on the demand of each customer with agility and exclusivity. Our goal is the customer satisfaction and the construction of long-term partnerships, with customers, suppliers, and partners.














Reaffirming its commitment to respect the environment and preserve the planet, Berlan offers articles with biodegradable polyamide yarns in its portfolio of products.

Clothes made with biodegradable polyamide, when discarded in landfills, come in contact with microorganisms present in these anaerobic environments and decompose in up to 3 years. Without this technology, the decomposition of a discarded piece of clothing would take decades.